As a former football and track & field athlete in high school, being a part of a team has always lit a fire inside of me. After graduating from Florida State University, I spent my first 2 years in the logistics industry, focusing on business development and account management. While that role was enriching in its own way, my passion has always revolved around fitness and community. I was fortunate enough to land a facilities management role, working for Flywheel Sports in 2015, which eventually catapulted me towards becoming an indoor cycling coach for the brand in winter of 2016.

Since then, I’ve had the privilege of working for several fitness brands across the nation and that ultimately led me to falling in love with the “rhythm ride” segment of the indoor cycling industry. Bringing music, choreography and a sense of ‘unison’ together to create an atmosphere for people of all different fitness levels, is the ‘WHY’ behind my drive for being a coach. When I started my boutique fitness journey, I didn’t look the part nor did I have the experience, but I hoped that if I could find peace and strength through fitness, it would be a testimony that would inspire someone else to step outside of their comfort zone and embark on their own fitness journey. 

Almost 8 years later, I can say that I’ve been fortunate enough to make a positive impact on my communities physically, mentally and emotionally and many of my clients have done the same for me. At Hometurf, I’m excited to bring my passion (and so many good remixes) to the bike and the mat, but more importantly, I’m excited to be a part of the TEAM that’s going to bring the BEST indoor cycling experience that the triangle has seen.

Outside of coaching at HT you will find me strength training at the gym, listening to music and/or audiobooks and finding my next city/country to knock off my bucket list. It’s game time and I’m ready to see you on the turf!