Express class! Don’t have all the time in the world to get a sweat in? Or want your calendar to look like you are in a “meeting” without taking up too much time? We got you! This 30-minute ride will push you for every second and no beat will be wasted.


A 45-minute signature rhythm ride where we will sprint, push, climb, run all to the beat of the music. You will lose yourself once the lights go low and the music goes high and walk out stronger than you came in.


Similar to our 45-minute signature ride, but think of it as an extra push. This ride will surely leave you realizing you can do hard things and that you are stronger than you think.


Warm up, sweat and cool down with HomeTurf’s signature Strength class! This full-body 45
minute workout will be designed to hit every muscle and will be carefully designed to go along with a high energy playlist. Just like our cycling classes, you will lose yourself once the lights go low, you pick up
some weights, and the music goes high.